CSC 106 Assignment #2



CSC 106 Assignment #2

Files to hand in
These files contain your answers
to the following 4 questions.
10 marks total
Worth 10% of your final grade
Question 1: Logical expression [2 marks]
Write a logical expression that produces the truth table depicted.
You may use AND, OR and NOT.
Question 2: Gates [4 marks]
Use AND, OR and NOT Gates to build a circuit for the following truth table:
Question 3: Sorting [2 marks]
Research the sorting algorithm “Timsort”, and other sources you can find.
In your own words, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this sorting
algorithm with regards to the efficiency of algorithms as discussed in chapter 3 and
the lectures. (Hint: compare it to other sorting algorithms). Write a 100-200 word
Question 4: Vigenère cipher [2 marks]
Research the Vigenère cipher:, and other sources.
(This cipher will also be shown in your lab)
Using the key : yyj encrypt your name. For example using this key my name: tibor
would be encrypted as: rgkmp.
Your answer should look like this:
key: yyj
plain text: <YOUR_NAME>
encrypted text: <YOUR_NAME_ENCRYPTED>


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