CSC165H1: Problem Set 0


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CSC165H1 Problem Set 0
CSC165H1: Problem Set 0

General instructions
Please read the following instructions carefully before starting the problem set. They contain important
information about general problem set expectations, problem set submission instructions, and reminders
of course policies.
? Your problem sets are graded on both correctness and clarity of communication. Solutions which
are technically correct but poorly written will not receive full marks. Please read over your solutions
carefully before submitting them.
? Each problem set may be completed in groups of up to three. If you are working in a group for this
problem set, please consult
for a brief explanation of how to create a group on MarkUs.
Exception: Problem Sets 0 and 1 must be completed individually.
? Solutions must be typeset electronically, and submitted as a PDF with the correct ?lename. Handwritten submissions will receive a grade of ZERO.
The required ?lename for this problem set is problem set0.pdf.
? Problem sets must be submitted online through MarkUs. If you haven’t used MarkUs before, give
yourself plenty of time to ?gure it out, and ask for help if you need it! If you are working with a
partner, you must form a group on MarkUs, and make one submission per group. \I didn’t know
how to use MarkUs” is not a valid excuse for submitting late work.
? Your submitted ?le should not be larger than 9MB. This may happen if you are using a word
processing software like Microsoft Word; if it does, you should look into PDF compression tools to
make your PDF smaller, although please make sure that your PDF is still legible before submitting!
? The work you submit for credit must be your own; you may not refer to or copy from the work of
other groups, or external sources like websites or textbooks. You may, however, refer to any text
from the Course Notes (or posted lecture notes), except when explicitly asked not to.
Additional instructions
Reminder: Problem Set 0 must be done individually.
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CSC165H1, Fall 2017 Problem Set 0
In this problem set, you will type a document containing both text and mathematics. You are welcome
to use your favourite word processor, provided it can produce suitable symbols and align equations. You
will need to dig through the instructions, or else look at another tool, for example:
Google docs equation editor: See Google Docs equations
LATEX: See LATEXtutorial
1. Create a title for your document that shows the course code (CSC165H1), the phrase \Problem Set 0″,
and the due date.
2. Create an unordered list, with bullet points, showing the courses you are taking this term. Please give
the course number, title, and the name of your instructor for each course.
3. Let S1 be the set of all even positive integers, and S2 be the set of all integers less than 15. List all of
the elements in the S1 n S2 using set notation (i.e., f: : : g).
4. Write down the truth table for the propositional formula (p^q) ) s. There should be eight rows in your
table (plus a header row).
5. Show the steps involved in isolating x in the following equation (assume n is positive). Do not just show
the ?nal result: we’re looking for at least two or three steps here, to demonstrate that you can align the
equal signs.
x2 = n
Remember that isolating a variable means rewriting an equation so that the variable appears on one side
by itself, and no occurrences of that variable appear on the other.
Hint: divide both sides by n
or 3x
. You might want to review logarithms if you get stuck here.
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