CSCE 240 Homework 7




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CSCE 240 Homework 7
You shall submit a zipped, and only zipped, archive of your homework directory, hw7. The directory shall contain, at a minimum, the files and directories
src/ and inc/matrix.h. Name the archive submission file
I will use my own makefile to compile and link to your src/ and
inc/matrix.h files. If you do not submit in this way YOU WILL RECEIVE A
This assignment tests your ability to manage memory of a generic type. You are to implement the basics
of a matrix class, using a two-dimensional array of templated type as your representation. You may assume
the generic type will have all the same operators defined as any numeric type (+, -, *, /, =, etc…).
I will be using white-box testing, so the friend class MatrixTester along with its forward decl must remain in place and unchanged.
Read the provided header file documentation for instructions on method functionality. They are currently
defined for a double type. That must be changed to a template type. YOU must read the documentation
and decide which data types need to be modified to generic.
I have provided you a set of test apps which you can use to ensure that your code is, at least partially,
correct. I would suggest a more rigorous testing scheme, especially testing your assignment
operator. The tests use a double as the template for the matrix. I WILL use other types. I would recommend ensure that it works, at least, for an integer type and maybe an unsigned integer type as well.
There will be no late assignments accepted. I am giving you until the last possible time to get it in. I
repeat, I WILL NOT accept late assignments.
The point allocation is specified in the header file. There will be no points for compilation that does
not pass at least one test. Style points will be all-or-nothing for this assignment.
If you accumulate the points for this assignment, you will see that there are 10 points to earn, but the
assignment counts as 5. This means that there is up to 5 bonus points available.