CSCE686 Homework HW7


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CSCE686 Homework
HW7: “Please indicate appropriate references”
a) (10pts) Talbi #2.3 “VCP – Neighborhood”
b) (10pts) How would you use the neighborhood of question a) to
solve the VCP using Simulated Annealing? (brief discussion of
algorithm via Talbi and class notes)
c) (10pts) Talbi #2.19 “VRP – Tabu”
d) (15pts) Describe an algorithm possibility for your project or MIS,
or SCP to be a local Tabu search. Relate to fitness landscape.
As always, for all questions requesting an algorithm, put it in the form
of the standard structure used by Talbi. Also, embed the CSCE686
standard search constructs via comments.

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