CSE 465/565 Homework #5




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CSE 465/565

Homework #5
100 points
For this homework, you will work in teams. Make sure that each team member does a fair amount of work and students
not developing the solution to a problem will verify and validate the solution proposed by their peers. Only one member of
each team needs to make the Canvas submission.
Submit your code in a zipped-up folder that also includes a PDF report file (hw5.pdf). The report should contain the
answer to point (5) below.
1. (40/35 p) Complete piglatin.cpp. Write a function, called ToPigLatin, which is described below:
 The starter file contains a main test program, as well as the function prototype, which is:
char* ToPigLatin(char* word);
This function receives a C-style string (word) as a parameter.
 You are to define this function so that it converts the incoming string (character array) to its “Pig Latin” version,
and then have the function return a pointer to the string.
 For our purposes, we will use the following as the rules for translation of a word into “Pig Latin”:
1. A word is a consecutive sequence of letters (a-z, A-Z) or apostrophes. You may assume that the input to
the function will only be a single “word”. Examples: Zebra, doesn’t, apple.
2. If a word starts with a vowel, the Pig Latin version is the original word with “way” added to the end.
3. If a word starts with a consonant, or a series of consecutive consonants, the Pig Latin version transfers all
consonants up to the first vowel to the end of the word, and adds “ay” to the end.
4. The letter ‘y’ should be treated as a consonant if it is the first letter of a word, but treated as a vowel
5. If the original word is capitalized, the new Pig Latin version of the word should be capitalized in the first
letter (i.e. the previous capital letter may not be capitalized any more).
 In the starter file, there is a main() function that is already provided to you for testing. This program prompts the
user to type in 5 words, then it calls the function for each of them and prints the converted version of each of the 5
strings. Note that the main() function does all of the output — your function should do NO output (just the
appropriate conversion and return). Do not change the main() program in any way.
 You may assume that a “word” to be entered into the function is no more than 39 characters long.
Sample Runs (user input is underlined, to distinguish it from output):
Sample Run 1:
Input 5 words: Flower yellow bypass apple Igloo
Pig Latin version of the 5 words:
Owerflay ellowyay ypassbay appleway Iglooway
Sample Run 2:
Input 5 words: string Hamburger Rhythm queen zippitydoodah
Pig Latin version of the 5 words:
ingstray Amburgerhay Ythmrhay ueenqay ippitydoodahzay
2. (20/15 p) Complete MySerializer.cs. Write C# code to serialize/deserialize objects whose classes are known to
* A default constructor
* All data members are public and are one of the following primitive types only:
int (Int32), double (Double), or Boolean (Boolean)
class MySerializer {
public static String Serialize(Object obj);
public static T Deserialize<T>(String str);
To be used as:
Point p1 = new Point(2, 3);
String str1 = MySerializer.Serialize(p1);
Point newPt = MySerializer.Deserialize<Point>(str1);
You may not use any library routine to perform these operations for you. That is, the main work must be performed by
your code doing primitive operations.
Compiled as: mcs MySerializer.cs
Run as: mono MySerializer.exe
3. (35/30 p) Complete UTMatrix.cs. An Upper Triangular square matrix is one whose elements below the diagonal are
defined to be 0. For example, the matrix element Mr,c = 0 if r > c. The following is an example matrix of size 4. (In this
example, row and column indexing starts at 0.) Note, that M3,2 = 0.
1 7 -8 0
0 8 10 9
0 0 7 3
0 0 0 -9
While it is possible to use a regular 2D array to represent an Upper Triangular matrix, doing so is wasteful with memory.
You are to write a C# class definition for representing Upper Triangular matrices, while using a minimum of memory.
Complete the code in UTMatrix.cs.
25p – UTMatrix
10p – UTMatrixEnumerator
Compiled as: mcs UTMatrix.cs
Run as: mono UTMatrix.exe
4. (0/15 p – graduate students only) Complete UT3DMatrix.cs. Create a class to represent 3D upper triangular
matrices. That is, Mi,j,k is non-zero iff i ≤ j ≤ k.
0/15 – UT3DMatrix 0/0 – UT3DMatrixEnumerator. This is not required.
5. (5/5 p) In the file hw5.pdf, write a short summary of the contributions of each team member for each problem in this
homework assignment. Specify if members participated in the initial development of the solution vs. verification &