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Due Date: Upload your completed assignment file (in .zip format) to this course
website (on Virtual Campus – Brightspace) by 01:00 PM on Monday, July 12, 2021.
• This assignment has 2 pages and must be done individually. It consists of 7
questions with the mark for each question indicated below, resulting in 75 marks in
• Late assignments will NOT be accepted: They will receive a grade of zero.
• Save your answer to each question in a separate file (or a set of files) and name it (or
them) using the following format:
For example, John Smith, whose student ID is 1234567, should save his solution to
Question 1 (consisting of 3 files) under the file names: A4_Q1_Smith_1234567.html,
A4_Q1_Smith_1234567.js, and A4_Q1_Smith_1234567.css
• Create a cover page in Word (or PDF) format containing your full name, student ID,
course number, and assignment number. Name your cover page as
A4_CoverPage_YourLastName_YourStudentID.docx (or .pdf).
• Zip all your answer files together with your cover page into a single .zip file and
name it, and upload that .zip file to this course
website by the due time and date above.
Most of the following questions require JavaScript programming. Your code should be
well written (e.g., variables declared, meaningful variable names, easy to understand and
no confusing shortcuts, meaningful functions and useful comments, etc.).

1. Create a webpage that enables the user to play the game of 15-Puzzle. There’s a 4-by4 board (implemented as an HTML5 table) for a total of 16 slots. One of the slots is
empty. The other slots are occupied by 15 tiles, randomly numbered from 1 through
15. Any tile next to the currently empty slot can be moved into the currently empty
slot by clicking on the tile. Your program should create the board with the tiles out of
order. The user’s goal is to arrange the tiles in sequential order row by row. Using the
DOM and the click event, write a script that allows the user to swap the positions of
the open position and an adjacent tile. Alert the user of illegal moves (i.e., when the
user clicks a tile that is not adjacent to the empty slot). Separate your script and CSS
rules (if any) from the HTML5 file. Hint: the click event should be specified for each
table cell. [15 marks]
2. Modify your solution to Question 1 above to determine when the game is over (i.e.,
when the user has arranged all the tiles in sequential order row by row), then prompt
the user to determine whether to play again. If so, scramble the numbers using the
Math.random method. [5 marks]
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3. Write a script that responds to a click anywhere on an HTML5 page by displaying an
alert dialog as follows: Display the event name if the user held Shift during the mouse
click. Display the element name that triggered the event if the user held Ctrl during
the mouse click. Your HTML5 document should contain a number of different
elements (e.g., p, anchor, list, etc.) to demonstrate the working of your script.
Separate your script from the HTML5 document. [10 marks]
4. Use CSS absolute positioning, mousedown, mousemove, mouseup and the
clientX/clientY properties of the event object to create a program that allows a user to
drag and drop an image. When the user clicks the image, it should follow the cursor
until the mouse button is released. Provide an image (e.g., a .jpg file) for this purpose.
Separate your script and CSS rules from the HTML5 document. [10 marks]
5. Generate a webpage containing the phrase “HTML5 Canvas”. Create a shadow on
that phrase with an offset-x of 2px, an offset-y of 5px, a blur of 6px, and a text-shadow
color gray. Make your own decision on any other necessary parameters. Use HTML5
canvas element. [10 marks]
6. Generate a webpage on which you will use HTML5 canvas to draw a non-rectangular
shape using lines. Then, add a vertical linear gradient to the shape with three color
stops. Choose your colors. [10 marks]
7. [15 marks]
a) Create an XML document that marks up the nutrition facts for a package of
Grandma White’s cookies. A package of cookies has a serving size of 1
package and the following nutritional value per serving: 260 calories, 100 fat
calories, 11 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol,
210 milligrams of sodium, 36 grams of total carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber,
15 grams of sugars, and 5 grams of protein. Hint: Your markup should contain
elements describing the product name, serving size, calories, sodium,
cholesterol, protein, etc. Markup each nutrition fact listed above. [5 marks]
b) Write an XSL style sheet for the above XML document that displays the
nutritional facts in an HTML5 table. [10 marks]