EE6222 Assignment-2




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EE6222 Assignment-2

1. Find the focal length f of your hand phone (in pixels)
You may use real person or printed figure, and include one figure of the settings in your
report. Make sure you turn the camera’s “zooming/auto-focusing” off.
(40 marks)
2. Take two snaps of an outdoor scene, with 5 to 10 degrees angle difference. You need to
keep the angle as ground truth.
3. Hand pick 8 points or more from one image, and find the matching points on the other
image. These points should not be co-planar. You need to turn these points into Nvector, and submit them into the equation for calculation.
(10 marks)
4. Calculate the rotation angle from the matched points using the quaternion approach (pp
14 in [4]), or the SVD(in [3]).
(40 marks)
5. This is a group project. Find a group of 6 and prepare one report per group. Each
member submit the same report through NTUlearn/Assignments before “07-11-2021,
Sunday”. Late submission will be degraded by one grade per week. I can help grouping
if you failed to do so.
(10 marks)
Early submission is encouraged because of large students’ number. You are able to view
your grades online.