EN.650.631 Ethical Hacking Home Work #2a

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EN.650.631 Ethical Hacking Home Work #2a
Recent examples such as [1] remind us that knowledge of core computer science courses is not a
requirement to become an expert hacker. The only real requirements are a tenacious spirit and an
analytical mind. Given these facts, please use your available resources to perform the below
1. Given the assembly language (64-bit Linux) code supplied to you, please explain the
2. Convert the supplied assembly language code into shellcode. What are the 3 steps that
should be followed to transform assemble language code into shellcode?
3. Before using the shellcode, you should test it. Write C code to directly test your
shellcode. Hint…this is step #3 from question #2.
4. Demonstrate the capability of your shellcode by modifying an existing Metaspolit
payload or stand alone program with your shellcode (i.e., instead of executing the
meterpreter or reverse tcp functionality, execute your shellcode). Then use this modified
payload in any Linux exploiting module or program against the appropriate vulnerable
remote target.
In a 5-minute (or less) video, explain and illustrate the results from your work above. You can
work in groups of no more than two. Please email to and put
EN.650.431 and both student names and in subject
[1] A. Greenberg. “iPhone Super-Hacker Comex, Let Go From Apple, Goes To Work For
Google”. Forbes Online Magazine, April 24, 2013. Available at:

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