Frozen Lake Q-learning



1 Frozen Lake Q-learning (Not graded)
This problem is meant to give some (optional) practice with simple Q-learning,
before proceeding to full fledged DQN.
Implement tabular Q-learning for the Stochastic-4×4-FrozenLake-v0 environment from Assignment 1. You should build on the provided starter code.
This environment is considered solved when 100 consecutive trials achieve an
average score of 0.78, so you can use this to check the performance of your
agent. (Consider averaging over larger number of trials if you observe lots of
(a) Implement Q-learning with -greedy exploration in
Return an array of the Q values for each state-action pair. Have a look
at the starter code for more details. You are free to play around with the
values of the hyper-parameters.
(b) Plot the running average score of the Q-learning agent for the first 1000
training episodes. The x-axis should be the episode number, and the y-axis
should be the average score over all training episodes so far.
You can roughly compare the obtained graph with ours to verify correctness (It
will vary from run to run).


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