Homework #1: Firebase, JSON, and Data Modeling

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DSCI 551
Homework #1: Firebase, JSON, and Data Modeling
Consider managing customer churn data in Firebase realtime database. The data are stored in a CSV file,
with 7044 rows and 21 columns. You can find the details about the data set at Kaggle web site: You can also download the data set from the
web site ( containing WA_Fn-UseC_-Telco-Customer-Churn.csv).
To reduce the amount of data to be handled, this homework will only consider customers who are senior
citizens (1142 of them).
1. [40 points] Write a python script “” which load the rows for the above senior customers
to your database.
Execution format:
You can assume the WA_Fn-UseC_-Telco-Customer-Churn.csv file is stored at the same directory
where you execute your script.
2. [30 points] Write a Python script “” to find the first k (senior) customers who has
churned. Only need to return IDs of first k customers (ordered by their IDs).
Execution format:
python3 <k>
For example:
python3 10
will return IDs of first 10 customers who have churned.
3. [30 points] Write a Python script “” to find out how many customers who have used
the service for at least k months.
Execution format:
python3 <k>
For example,
python3 10
● For each query in both patterns, only one round trip (send request and receive response) is
permitted to the Firebase server.
● You should not download entire database to answer the query.
● You should create indexes in Firebase console that allow the above programs to execute
without errors.
Permitted libraries: pandas, requests, json, and other common Python libraries (e.g., sys). Do not use
firebase-admin, firebase python libraries.
● Above 3 scripts.
● Prepend your full name to the script name, e.g.,, so on.
● A document (word/pdf) explaining why your program sends only one request to Firebase for
each query.
● A JSON dump of your Firebase database for this app.
● A screenshot of your Firebase, showing the structure of your database.
● Submit online. See syllabus for late penalty!
Checklist for Submission :
1. Name your folder and zip LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_HWX. Your submission should be a zip (not
rar) file AND unzipping it would have all your files (no folders). Do not include csv files. Notice
that your submission should have capital first and last names. Example: TANEJA_DAKSH_HW1.
2. DO NOT return anything we didn’t ask for. For example, “please enter XXX: ___”. Please no. We
have given you the EXACT output format. Please just follow them.
3. Use ONLY relative path. You should assume your scripts will be run in the directory where the
scripts are at. For example, no ‘C:\\homework1\…’ or ‘/Users/blabla/….’
4. Make sure that you are able to run the code according to the execution format mentioned above
in the questions.
5. Double-check your files before submitting them. Please use python3 to complete the homework
and try to maintain the python version as 3.7. Do not use any libraries other than the ones
specified in the handout. You can use EC2 to test your code, and python 3.7 is preinstalled on
6. You can submit it multiple times on DEN but only the latest attempt will be graded.


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