Homework 5: A Link Between Worlds


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Homework 5:
A Link Between Worlds

In this homework, you will program a singly-linked list of integers similar to the linked stacks from lecture.
You will use modern C++ memory management via the unique_ptr class found in the <memory library.
You can use the ModernLinkedStack as inspiration, but will need to add a few more methods to it.
Copy the ?les ModernLinkedList.h and ModernLinkedList.cpp from the GitHub repository, then make a
new project with those ?les. Review the ?les so you’re clear on what instance variables and methods are
expected on this type, then begin to implement the methods from the .h ?le as described. Some notes:
1. The procedure for adding a new element can be di?erent depending on whether the list is currently
empty. You can use the current mSize to determine if the list is empty.
2. The existing PrintList and PopBack functions shows an example of ?walking? through the nodes of
the list. You will need to do something similar for PushBack, Insert and RemoveAt, and operator[].
(operator[] is equivalent to the ?get? function from Java’s linked lists ? it returns the data element
at the given index.)
3. You should write a main to test your list. Add and remove some elements, and use PrintList to
periodically check the correctness of the list.
4. If you do this correctly, you will never have to use new or delete ? that’s the entire purpose of the
unique_ptr type.
Hand in:
1. ModernLinkedList.cpp and your main.cpp. Submit to Dropbox.

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