Homework 9 – Using TF-IDF


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COMP 598 Homework 9 – Using TF-IDF
30 pts
Non-standard (i.e., built-in) python libraries you can use:
– pandas
– requests
In this assignment, we’re going back to homework 3 and computing the each pony’s most frequent words using
TF-IDF. Note that, throughout this assignment, we refer to “pony names” – use the canonical names we used
for each of the main character ponies in HW3.
Task 1: Compute word counts (15 pts)
Write a script that computed word counts for each pony from all episodes of MLP. Your script, should run as follows:
python -o <word_counts_json> <clean_dialog.csv file>
The output file should be a dictionary with the following form:
“<pony-name>”: {
“<word>”: <# of times it appears>,
“<word>”: <# of times it appears>,

“<pony-name>”: {

Note that in the output file you should ONLY have word counts for words that are spoken by the pony at least
five times. Toss out any words that happen less than this many times (this is a common technique to avoid
storing information on a crazy number of words).
Other details:
– Only consider speech acts involving one of the main character ponies. Ignore any others.
– Treat each word encountered as case insensitive. Store words in all lowercase form.
– Before processing text, replace punctuation characters with a space – a punctuation character is one of
these: ( ) [ ] , – . ? ! : ; # &
– A word must only include alpha-only characters. All other words should be ignored.
– Tip: to keep your script performant, store your word counts in dictionaries.
Task 2: Compute most frequent & distinctive pony language (15 pts)
Write the script which is run as follows:
python <pony_counts.json> <num_words>
COMP 598, Fall 2020
The <pony_counts.json> file should have the same format output by your script. It
should compute the <num_words> for each pony that have the highest TF-IDF score, using the definition of
TF-IDF given in the lecture.
Output should be written in JSON format to stdout with the following structure:
“<pony name>”: [ “highest-tfidf-word”, “second-highest-tfidf-word”, … ],
“<pony name>”: …
Each pony word list should have <num_words> entries.
Submission Instructions
Your MyCourses submission must be a single zip file entiled HW9_<studentid>.zip. It should contain the
following items:
– scripts/
o – script for Task 1
o – script for Task 2

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