HW#2 SinglyLinkedList



CSCI 230 HW#2
Collaboration policy: Individual Assignment
Total Points: 100
Source Code
The following Java classes and/or interfaces are provided in one zip file attached to this
Dropbox assignment:
In this assignment, only the SinglyLinkedList class will be modified by you. In particular,
in the SinglyLinkedList class you may only modify the methods outlined in Part 1, and
under no circumstances are you allowed to remove, add, or modify any other line of code in
this class.
Furthermore, under no circumstances are you allowed to modify or create a new List
interface or a new Node class. You must use these two files as is.
Lastly, you may not change the package structure! Specifically, edu.cofc.csci230 cannot
be removed or modified. If a solution is submitted with a different package structure, it will
not be graded, no exceptions.
Part 1
In the SinglyLinkedList class please fully implement the methods listed below:
• public void addNode(int index, Node<AnyType> t) throws
• public void setNode(int index, Node<AnyType> t) throws
• public Node<AnyType> removeNode( int index ) throws
• public Node<AnyType> getNode(int index) throws
• public void clear()
In each method listed above there is a TODO comment – this is where you will add your
code. Please note (and testing hint): the functionality of the above methods is identical to
the ones in the List interface defined in the Java API.
Part 2
The SinglyLinkedList class provided to you has a main method. In this main please add
test cases that demonstrate you have fully evaluated the operational correctness of the
methods implemented in Part 1. To receive full credit, these test cases must be included.
Create a zip file that only includes the completed file (please do
not include any folders or any other project files in the zip file). If you have any questions
about the submission policy, you must resolve before the due date. Lastly, please plan
appropriately, asking questions the day the assignment is due (within 12 hours) is too late.
Please try to resolve any questions at least 2 days before the due date.
The name of the zip file must be your last name. For example, would be correct if
the original co-developer of UNIX (Dennis Ritchie) submitted the assignment. Only
assignments submitted in the correct format will be accepted (no exceptions).
Please submit the zip file (via OAKS) to the Dropbox setup for this assignment by the due
date. You may resubmit the zip file as many times as you like, Dropbox will only keep the
newest submission.
Per the syllabus, late assignments will not be accepted – no exceptions. Please do not email
Hassam or I your assignment after the due date, we will not accept it.
Grading Rubric
SinglyLinkedList Compiles 10 points
SinglyLinkedList Runs 5 points
Thoroughness of your test cases 5 points
Instructor test cases (8 cases 10 points each) 80 points
100 points
In particular, the assignment will be graded as follow, if the submitted solution
• Does not compile: 0 of 100 points
• Compiles but does not run: 10 of 100 points
• Compiles and runs with no errors: 15 of 100 points
• Thoroughness of your test cases: 20 of 100 points
• Passes all 8 test cases developed by the instructor: 100 of 100 points.


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