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Set up a JavaFX GUI-based program that shows a 10 X 10 grid of labels that forms a multiplication table with the labels displaying the multiplication problems, rather than the answers. Provide a text input field and a button with an event handler that reads an integer value from the text input and changes the CSS styling in some obvious way for all problems in the table with the given answer. When a new answer is entered and the button is clicked, change all the labels back to the original style, then change the labels showing problems for the new answer to the new style. Use CSS, not setters, for all the styling.

My solution uses a GridPane, several HBoxes, a VBox, and a BorderPane, as well as a Button, a TextField and many Labels. You may use this image as an example, but feel free to make your GUI look different from this as long as your work meets the specifications above, looks good, and is easy to understand.

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