Lab 1: Recursion


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COSC 2436 Lab 1: Recursion
1. Introduction
You will create a C++ program to check if the given integer is possible to be made by a
combination of adding adjacent integers in the given matrix. Your program will read
inputs files containing a matrix of integers and the target number to be reached. Output
“Possible” (without the quotes) if a combination of integers within the matrix can result
in the target number. Otherwise, the output is “Not Possible”.
2. Input File
– The first input line will contain two integers m and n, separated by a single
space. The integer indicates the number of rows and the number of columns,
– The following m lines will each contain n number of integers; a single space will
separate each character.
– The last line in the input will contain an integer, representing the target number.
– Each integer in the matrix is unique, meaning that the number will appear only
once in the matrix.
– There can be empty cases, in which the output is “Not Possible”
– Assumptions:
– Your starting point is at 0.
– You can only “add” integers.
– Each integer in your combination should be unique.
– No extra lines or unnecessary whitespaces in the input file.
3. Output File
– Output “Possible” if the number can be reached, and “Not Possible” otherwise.
4. Examples
3 4
1 2 3 4
5 6 0 8
9 10 11 12
Explanation: 0+3+4+8=15 (our target), 0+6+2+3+4=15 also. There can be multiple
combinations. The output is the same as long as there exists one combination.
2 3
0 -3 4
8 54 -2
Not Possible
Explanation: 52 is possible with integers 54 and -2; however, they can’t be reached by
adjacency to your starting point 0.
input3.txt (empty)
Not Possible
5. Turn in your lab assignment
Lab 1 needs to be turned into our Linux server, follow the link here
Make sure to create a folder under your root directory, name it lab1 (the name must be
lower case), and only copy your code to this folder, no test cases or other files are
PS: This document may have typos, if you think something is illogical, please email the
TAs for confirmation.


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