Lab 11 tree operations



CSC230 Lab 11

Goal: This lab will teach you about tree operations.
Part I
In our lecture of tree, several different traversal were introduced. They are inorder
traversal, preorder traversal, postorder traversal, and level-order traversal.
It is surprisingly simple to write recursive function to implement inorder traversal,
preorder traversal, and postorder traversal. One sample implementation of inorder
traversal was provided in the slides. It is listed as the follows.
In this lab, implement a non-recursive version or inorder traversal for binary tree.
Please implement the nonRecInorder() function in lab11.cpp file. This function should
use stack STL defined by C++. Please use the STL, do NOT use the stack defined by
yourself. It will make debugging easy.
The algorithm of this non-recursive inorder traversal is listed as follows.
Create an TreeNode* stack
while(root is not nullptr){
root = root->left;

if(stack is empty) break;
root = top();
print out the datum of root
root = root->right;
/** Print BST root in alphabetic order */
template <class T>
void show(TreeNode<T>* root){
if(root == nullptr) return;
cout << root->getDatum() << endl;
Requirements and Hints:
• You should use empty(), top(), pop(), push() functions of stack STL
• The idea of the algorithm is to push the left subtree of a node to stack, pop the
node, print out the value of the node, then push the right subtree to the stack
Part II
The second part of this lab is to implement level traversal of binary tree. In this part,
please do NOT use any recursion either. The idea of Level traversal is to
• Visit the root
• When traversing level l, keep all the elements at level l+1 in queue
• Repeat this process until all levels are completed
Please implement levelOrder() function in lab11.cpp file. The implementation of this
function uses queue STL of C++. Please make sure that you use the queue STL, do NOT
use your own queue definition.
The algorithm of level order traversal is listed as follows.
Create a queue
If(root is not nullptr) push root to the queue
While(queue is not empty){
temp = Dequeu()
Print out datum of temp
If left pointer of temp is not nullptr, push it to the queue
If right pointer of temp is not nullptr, push it to the queue
Requirements and Hints:
• You should use front(), push(), pop() functions of queue STL.
Once you finish the coding, type the following command to compile it.
g++ lab11.cpp
The execution result of test.cpp is:
jikaili$ ./a.out
Inorder traversal result:
Level traversal result:
Your implementation must have the exactly same result.
Wrap up
Jar you C++ files and the downloaded data files into lab11.jar. Submit the completed file to


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