Lab #2 – nonlinear regression




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Lab #2 – nonlinear regression
In this lab, each student is to develop code to calculate a nonlinear regression fit. Note
you may not call a single high-level function in MATLAB or another package to do the
fitting; you must implement the root finding method discussed in class. The code can be
developed in MATLAB, C, or any high level language.
The fitting should be run on the following three data files log-data-A, log-data-B and
log-data-C, found at: In each
file the two columns of the data are xi
, yi
The data follows a problem outlined in class and in the lecture notes. Fit a function of
the form y = ln(ax) where a is the unknown.
The report should derive the math required for the nonlinear regression. It should show
plots of the data for each file. It should also report the initial value of a used to start the
regression, final value of a found at the end of the regression, and number of iterations needed
to converge. You are encouraged to try different initial values of a to observe its effect on
The lab due date is given at the class web site. You must submit your code (as an
attachment) and report (as an attachment) to [email protected] Use as subject
header ECE8540-1,#2. This email is due by midnight of the due date.