Lab 3 – Professional writing




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ECE 8540 Analysis of Tracking Systems
Lab 3 – Professional writing
In this lab, each student is to rewrite their original lab 1 report.
Professional writing tools must be used, including TeX and drawing tools capable of
creating vector graphics files (if needed).
The appropriate organization must be used (Introduction, Methods, Results and
Graphics must be made using the appropriate format (eps or another vector format).
Graphics must also be properly constructed using appropriate font sizes, axis labels,
legends, data point or line types and sizes, greyscale or black-and-white, etc.
English should be used properly, including grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence
structure. Excessive use of list format should be avoided.
The lab due date is given at the class web site. You must submit your report (as an
attachment) to [email protected] Use as subject header ECE8540-1,#3. This
email is due by midnight of the due date.
We will discuss any questions in class or via email.