Lab 3: Stacks and Queues


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EECS 330 Lab 3: Stacks and Queues
Get familiar with the basic operations supported by stack and queue as well as their array-based
1. Complete the missing code in the template files
2. Your “MyStack” and “MyQueue” classes should inherit from your “MyVector” class
Testing and Grading
We will test your implementation using the tester main function posted online. The posted input and output
examples should be used for a testing purpose, while we will use another set of inputs for grading. Your
code will be compiled under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using g++ version 9.3.0 (default) with C++11 standard.
Your final score will be the determined by the success percentage of your program when fed with many
random inputs. Note that if your code does not compile (together with our tester main function), you will
receive 0. Therefore, it is very important that you ensure your implementation can be successfully compiled
before submission.
Submission and Deadline
Please submit your implementation as three .h files, with names “MyStack_[YourKUID].h”,
“MyQueue_[YourKUID].h”, and “MyVector_[YourKUID].h” (this file is expected to be the same as your
Lab 01 submission). For example, if my KU ID is c123z456, my submission will be three files named
“MyStack_c124z456.h”, “MyQueue_c124z456.h”, and “MyVector_c124z456.h”. Submissions that do not
comply with the naming specification will not be graded. All submission will go through Blackboard. The
deadline is Friday Mar 3
rd, 2023, 11:59PM.

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