Lab Exercise Four- control of the Aubie processor


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Lab Exercise Four
This lab implements the control of the Aubie processor and simulates executing entire
Fill in the VHDL for the states of the controller entity so that the processor interprets
and executes instructions consistent with the documents “AUBIE CPU
Your project will contain six files: dlx_types.vhd, bva.vhd, bva_b.vhd,
interconnect_aubie.vhd, datapath_aubie_v1.vhd, and control_aubie_v1.vhd. The diagram
aubie_datapath.jpg is a visualization of the datapath.
The VHDL code for the memory already has two instructions stored in addresses zero
and one. If you can simulate the correct functioning of these two instructions you will get
full points for the lab. If you wish to implement further instructions, there is extra credit
for them
JMP and JZ implemented and tested: 50 points
LDR and STOR implemented and tested: 50 points
STO implemented: 25 points
Please turn in the following things for this lab:
• A printout of your VHDL code.
• Your simulation test file. Do not exhaustively test these designs since they take
lots of input bits, but do test a reasonable number of things. For example, for the
ALU, be sure to test every function, and for those that generate error codes, test
the error conditions.
• Transcripts/screenshots of tests running your simulations. You cannot test
exhaustively, but you should demonstrate that all your modules work.

Please turn in all files on Canvas. If I have questions, I may ask you to schedule a time to
demo your code, if I can’t figure out how something works by reading the code.

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