Midterm 2 Programs




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# Midterm 2 Programs
## Problem 2
Wrie a C program that reads a file name on the command line and prints the file size by bytes.
## Problem 3
Write a C program which opens a file (input) as an input and write to another file (output) in the following way: all the digits
in input are placed in the front of the output but rverse their original order and put all the non digits after all the digits in
their original order. (Ex: Input=a7bc6d5e3fg125k Output=5213567abcdefgk)
## Problem 4
Write a C program which reads in a positive integer (n) from the console (not as a command line arguement), generates a string with
randomly generated alphabetical characters and display the string to the standard output.
## Problem 5
Write a C program to count how many command line arguements are numbers and how many  of them are not and display the total of each
group as well as all the arguements to the standard output.
## Problem 6
Demonstrates fork() (We were asked to predict its output).