PDP-8/e Programming


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PDP-8/e Programming
This assignment will introduce you to a different architecture – the PDP-8/e
hardware and the associated assembly language PAL. You should complete this
assignment individually.
***If you have not gone through the Intro to PDP8 & PAL materials on Moodle you
will need to do that first!!!***
Deliverables: your commented mystery program.
Your Task
Assemble and run the provided mystery.pal program to determine its overall
function. Add a summary description of the program function in comments at the
top, then add detailed comments throughout the program describing how it
accomplishes that function. Submit the commented version with the appropriate
name. Comments should be things like “add the value to the total in the ACC” or
“loop Y times” as opposed to “TAD the value at mem address 200” or “jump to line
20”, i.e. explain what the program is doing, don’t just write a definition of each
instruction. The goal is for you to understand this program in detail so that you can
write your own!
o appendix D will be especially useful, so I included it as a separate PDF to
make it easier to navigate/print
o the “input” for this program is the initial value of the shift register (SR in the
simulator), so you need to hand-edit that register’s value before running the
program in the simulator in order to test it on different values.
o include in your comments mention of any edge cases that the program
o make sure the program still assembles and runs correctly after you add your
comments (remember the strict rule about 80-character lines)

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