Programming Assignment 0 – Recursion



CS260 – Programming Assignment 0 – Recursion
The purpose of this assignment is to give you some practice working with recursion.
For this assignment you’ll write a program to find solutions for the Knights Tour. using brute force (just
trying all possible solutions)
The program should prompt the user for the following:
● a board size (square) from 3×3 to 7×7. (8×8’s and above take too long using brute force)
● a starting position (row,col; 1,1 is the upper left corner)
Sample Output
It should show all the solutions. A sample run would look something like this:
Welcome to the Knights Tour solver!
Board size (3-7): 5
Starting position (row, col): 5,1
Solution #1:
23 10 19 14 25
18 05 24 09 20
11 22 13 04 15
06 17 02 21 08
01 12 07 16 03

You can define a fixed size array and just use the portion you want. It should be initialized with a number
that is not a valid move (like 0 or 99);
Each instance of the recursive function call needs it’s own copy of the board-to-date. Since arrays are
always passed by reference, and we need to pass by value (to get our own copy), the simplest solution is
to define the board array inside a class (or structure) because classes can be passed by value.
Assuming you defined a board struct or class (with all public members) which contains a twodimensional array representing the board and an integer representing the board size, the recursive function
description and prototype will probably look like these:
// Description:
// Recursively solves the knights tour using brute force.
// Prints any solutions if finds.
// Args:
// board (I/O) – the board we’re working with
// (board with previous moves and size)
// row (I) – the row we’re going to attempt to place the knight on this
// col (I) – the column we’re going to attempt place the knight on this
// currentMoveNumber (I) – the move we’re making
// (1=first placement, 16=last placement on 4×4 board)
// Note: row and col may be invalid (<0 or >=boardsize)
// or already taken (<currentMoveNum)
// Returns:
// The number of solutions the given board and move leads to
int solveKnightsTour(Board board, int row, int col, int currentMoveNum=1);
Very Important Stuff
Program should be well written and function properly. The best one(s) gets a cookie. (note: image is for
illustrative purposes only; actual cookie may look different and be considerably smaller).
All programs should follow the class’s Coding Conventions
Submit the following:
● Your .cpp file
● The executable


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