Project 0: play list of songs




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ECE250: Lab Project 0

1. Project Description
The goal of this project is to write a C++ program that manages a play list of songs. The
program allows the user to: (i) add songs to the end of the list, (ii) select a song to be
played, and (iii) delete a song from the list. We ask that you use an array to store the
play list. Each entry will contain the name of the song, and the corresponding artist.
For this exercise, we ask you to use the object-oriented paradigm to implement your
solution. You will create a design where the play list and the entries in the list are
represented by classes which: (i) store their properties (data members) and (ii) provide
services (function members).
2. Program Design
Write a short description of your design. You will submit this document along with your
C++ solution files for marking. This document must include your design decisions.
Please refer to the course website for “Programming Guidelines” and the expected
content for your design document.
3. Input/Output Requirements
Write a test program named playlistdriver.cpp that reads commands from standard
input and writes the output to standard output. This program will respond to the
commands described in this section.
Command Parameters Description Output
m n Sets the maximum
size of song list
i s;a
s:song title
Adds a song (song
title and artist) at
the end of the play
list if song is not
already in the list
and the list is not
can not insert s;a
p n
n: position of a
song in the list
Plays song at
position n
played n s;a
can not play n
e n
n: position of a
song in the list
Erases song at
position n
can not erase n
• Test Files
The course web site contains example input files with the corresponding output. The
files are named, and so on with their corresponding output files
named test01.out, test02.out and so on.
4. How to Submit Your Program
Once you have completed your solution and tested it comprehensively on your own
computer or on the lab computers, you have to transfer your files to the eceUbuntu
server and test there; since we perform the automated testing using this environment.
Once you finish testing in the eceUbuntu server, you will create a compressed file
(tar.gz) that should contain:
• A typed document (maximum two pages) describing your design. Submit this
document is PDF format. The name of this file should be:
xxxxxxxx _design_ pn.pdf
where xxxxxxxx is your UW user id (e.g., jsmith) and n is the project number
that is 0 (zero) for this submission.
• A test program (playlistdriver.cpp) containing your main() function
• Required header files and classes (ending in .h .cpp)
• A make file (named Makefile), with instructions to compile your solution and
create an executable named playlistdriver
The name of your compressed file should be xxxxxxxx_pn.tar.gz, where xxxxxxxx is
your UW user id (e.g., jsmith) and n is the project number that is 0 (zero) for this