Project #2: Compressing and Uncompressing Files




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# Project #2: Compressing and Uncompressing Files
## Objective
In this project you are going to implement a compression program and an uncompression
program to build a useful compression utility. These are separate programs, but they share many
functions, which should be built as shared library. The program that reads a regular file and
produces a compressed file is called the compression or huffing program. The program that does
the reverse, producing a regular file from a compressed file is called the uncompression or
unhuffing program.
## Requirements
* The huffing program should be able to perform the following operations:
* Read the characters in a text file and count the frequency of each character and store the character and its frequency in a data structure.
* Use Huffman coding algorithm to create a binary tree for Huffman coding. Your binary tree for Huffman coding should provide the following functionalities:
* Traverse the tree and record every root-to-leaf path. The edges taken for each root-to-leaf path determine the coding of the character stored in the leaf node.
*  Perform a pre-order traversal to write the tree, and read it back. This is needed if the tree is stored in the header of a compressed file.
*  Perform a post-order traversal to delete all tree nodes when the tree is no longer needed.
* Read the text file and produce a compressed file of the original text file. You also need to include the coding tree information at the beginning of the output file.
* The unhuffing program should be able to perform the following operations:
* Read the compressed text and the binary Huffman coding in the binary tree from the compressed file.
* Reconstruct the binary Huffman coding tree from the information read from the file.
* Use Huffman coding binary tree to create the original text file from the compressed original file.
## Note
I was unable to complete the uncompression portion the project in time for the turn in date. However, I plan to come back and complete it in my spare
time at some point.