Project 2 Tic-Tac-Toe




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CPSC 352 Artificial Intelligence
Programming Project 2

For this project you will write an implementation of Tic-Tac-Toe using MINIMAX.
It sufficient to have a simple text interface. If you just can’t resist a fancier UI, go for it, but
that won’t have any impact on your grade.
Assuming a text interface, identify the 9 squares as numbered 1-9 in row-major order. A
session ought to go something like this (user response in red):
$ Welcome to TTT! Make your move (row-major order):
$ 5
$ _ _ _
_ X _
O_ _
$ 1
$ X _ _
_ X _
O_ O

$ X is the winner!
Grading Rubric:
Design/Clarity/Style: 25%
Correctness: 75%
To hand in:
 Source Code
 A README file with any instructions for compilation or input, and any comments you
have about outstanding issues.