Project 9 To do list


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Please make sure to follow the naming convention for your project. If your
project does not run because of the naming issues, you won’t receive any credit. should include project9 Package and project9.jar
project9 package will include: ➔ includes the main method

Problem Description:
Implement a to do list. Tasks have a priority between 1 and 9, and a description.
When the user enters the command add priority description, the program adds a new
task. When the user enters next, the program removes and prints the most urgent
task. The quit command quits the program.
Use a priority queue in your solution.
Sample Output:
To Do List – Please enter an option
add priority description (add a new task)
next (remove and print most urgent task)
quit (exit this program)
> add 3 description of new task
> add 4 even newer task
> add 2 least important task
> next
least important task
> next
description of new task
> next
even newer task
> quit
Press any key to continue . . .
Here is a tester for assignment. It is not complete. You will need to make tests for the equals and
hashcode methods to prove that they work.

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