Project II Yolo4 Object Recognition

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CMPE 258 Project II
Yolo4 Object Recognition
1. Project Due:

2. Submission Channel:
3. Submission file format and the material
(3.1) Zip file;
(3.2) your python code/programs and all necessary photos if needed to verify your code (please only
submit the code you have modified, do not submit all other code/files which have not been modified by
you) ;
(3.3) readme.txt to clear define the steps to execute your program.
4. Project requirements:
(4.1) Use default video from the yolo4 package for your yolo4 testing, and in addition,
(4.2) Use your smart phone to capture 10-15 second video for yolo4 testing;
(4.3) Make necessary modification(s) to reduce the number of detection classes to 10 for example, to
test out yolo4 program;
5. This project counts 10 points.


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