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ECE 322
Assignment #3

(return to the appropriate box- ECE 322 A1 – 2
nd floor of DICE building)
Total: 50 points
Value 10 points
1. A credit union is planning to offer new financial products and considers clients being
characterized by gender, city dwelling, and age group (under 25, between 25 and 65, and over
65). There are four new products: A, B, C, and D. Product A will appeal to male city dwellers.
Product B will appeal to young (under 25) males. Product C will appeal to female in-between 25
and 65 who do not live in cities. Product D will appeal to all but males over 65. Construct a
decision table for this problem. Answer the following:
(a) what is the maximal number of rules,
(b) simplify the table and show a collection of resulting test cases.
Value 10 points
2. Propose test cases using the EPC testing strategy and a weak n x 1 testing strategy for
the subdomain described as follows
x-y-2 ≤0
x 0
3. The program accepts three real positive numbers and determines whether these
numbers form a triangle that is scalene, isosceles, or equilateral.
Show a cause-effect graph for testing this program.
Value 10 points
4. For the following cause-effect graph, develop a suite of test cases. We require the
output to be set to 1.
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Value 10 points
5. In realizing testing for a given configuration problem considered are the following
components: printers -2, plug ins -3, browsers -3, operating systems -3, servers -3,
monitors -2, e-mail systems-3, software packages of numeric optimization-3.
How much improvement is achieved when running combinatorial testing over testing all
possible combinations?

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