WEEK 7 ASSIGNMENT – PART 1 Directory hierarchy

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You have been provided with a file that implements a data structure for representing the
directory hierarchy of a file system in a computer. The file includes an interface FSObject and three
classes that implement the interface and contain a constructor and getters. These three classes are:
 A class File which has two fields: a name and the size of the file
 A class Directory which has two fields: a name and a list of the file system objects the directory
 A class Link which has two fields: a name and the path to the file or directory that it links to
The code also contains test code in the main function that is expected to work for a correct solution. Do
not modify this test code.
1. In main, create a value myFS of type FSObject that stores a file system object with the
following hierarchy:
+—- dirB
| +—- dirC
| | +—- file1 (4096 B)
| | +—- file2 (2097152 B)
| | +—- linkX -> dirA/dirD/file4
| +—- linkY -> dirA/dirD/file4
+—- dirD
+—- file3 (4194304 B)
+—- file4 (128 B)
+—- linkZ -> dirA/dirB/dirC/file1
2. Add an instance method totalSize that returns the total size of all the files in the hierarchy.
3. Create a visitor FSObjectVisitor that visits FSObject and its subtypes. You may modify
FSObject and its subtypes to accept FSObjectVisitor.
4. Use FSObjectVisitor to define a custom visitor called PrintLargeFilesVisitor that
prints the names of all the files larger than 1 MiB (1048576 B).
Solutions should be:
 Correct
 In good style, including indentation and line breaks
 Written using features discussed in class
Submission Instructions
Submit your file via Moodle. Do not submit any other files or compressed folders.


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